The term Videotoys derived from my father’s work as an artist: Arttoyz. His creations, using toys as a medium for his art, inspired me to come up with my own design under the same ideas. My toys are the tools of specifically the video production trade, while his are more of a wide variety of media, including actual toys. I’ve started doing video production in about 1996 when I was in school at the Art Institute of Colorado and I’ve continued to use video as a backbone for my career ever since.

After the explosion of the world wide web in about 1998, I’ve focused my productions on both video and web development in my websites: Channel 1 Networks, Boulder Channel 1 and Denver Channel 1.

I’ve shot, edited, published and promoted 1000’s of videos, both online and on cable television. Working with a multitude of different software’s as the industry is ever evolving as I’m sure you’re aware.

On this portfolio sort of website, you’ll find some of the videos I produced on my own, including events I attended, commercials I created and businesses I made promotions for. Some of it dates back to 2003, but I wanted to share my creations on the page here.

Thanks for visiting and if you like what you see, or would like me to help you with a video production or developing a website, then visit my Contact Page and or Experience Page here where you’ll find more details about my skills.

A few of my personal favorites

Find lots more on my Videos Page Here